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When to Call for an Electrician

As a smart homeowner, you want to nip electrical problems in the bud. You are fully aware of the dangers that they pose to you, your loved ones, and those who stay in your house. But your main concern is how to determine that you need the help of an electrician. To lessen your anxieties, here are some sure signs of an electrical problem:

  1. Frequent trip of your circuit breakers – To avoid overheating, the modern circuit breaker has been designed to trip when it is overloaded. Although this is a good thing, a frequently tripping breaker is an indication that there is something more sinister brewing.

  2. Mild electrical shocks – Do you feel a slight tingle when you touch an appliance? This might be another sign that you need to hire a residential electrician. It might also be just static electricity, but why take the risk?

If you are experiencing any of these things, then it is high time to ask help from Tony Feuerhelm Electric. As a professional electrician in Hager City, WI, we do not just deliver quality electrical services, we also offer peace of mind since you can rely on our workmanship. So what are you waiting for? Call us now at (651) 380-8764 for more information.